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Science vs. Creation Science
Creation science and how it differs from legitimate scientific enquiry.

Seeing is believing... here is just a small amount of the overwhelming visual evidence of biological evolution. Please use this site to promote the beauty and elegance of rationalism and science.

Why is this so important? We face serious social and planetary problems. Our real problems can only be solved by real science... not by religious fundamentalists who corrupt "science" to further their own immutable beliefs nor by New Age romantic mystics. Truth is the highest morality.

Human Tails
Crowds are flocking to Indian temples to see a Muslim baby with a 'tail' who is believed to be the reincarnation of a Hindu god. The 11-month-old boy has been named Balaji or Bajrangbali, another name for monkey-faced Lord Hanuman. He is reported to have a 4in 'tail' caused by genetic mutations during the development of the foetus. Iqbal Qureshi, the child's maternal grandfather, is taking Balaji from temple to temple where people offer money to see the boy. Mr Qureshi says the baby has nine spots on his body like Lord Hanuman and showed them to journalists, reports Indian newspaper The Tribune.

Human Tail

Seeing is believing...

Atavistic structures in individual members of a species arise from a defect in the individual's genetic development. A gene may not turn on (or off) at the right time.

These abnormalities differ from vestigial organs, that are genetic holdovers from a species' ancestors. These organs (e.g. appendix) occur in all members of a species, but have lost their original functionality.

According to CECIL ADAMS:

"Still, at one point in his/her life, every human being does have a tail. Human embryos have a tail that measures about one-sixth of the size of the embryo itself. As the embryo develops into a fetus, the tail is absorbed by the growing body, but some traces remain even in adults. Occasionally, a child is born with a "soft tail," described by one embryologist as containing "no vertebrae, but blood vessels, muscles, and nerves, of the same consistency as the short tail of the Barbary ape." Modern procedures allow doctors to eliminate the tail at birth, but some children have had to learn to live with them.

Some Creationists say "Occasionally a human baby is born with a tail-like appendage and this is said to be evidence that our ancestors had tails. Actually, such rare congenital deformities are usually a type of fatty tumor having no relationship to the tail of a monkey." You have the intelligence to judge for yourself.
See ten photographic examples of Human Tails

Snake Evolution...You don't have to examine the fossil record to find snakes with legs. Here are reptiles that are alive and well with legs playing a greater or lessor role in their locomotion. Clearly we have "intermediate species" right among us.

Snakes Evolution - Limbs

More images of transitional species from legged to leglessness Snake Evolution


Extra Digits on Hands and Feet

...Extra fingers and toes are evidence that mutations can easily produce additions to the body plan.

Human and Dinosaur Footprints

human and dinosaur tracks

Some desperate creationists insist that there are human footprints mingled with the dino prints. Photographs of the fraudulent impressions and carvings.

Extinction of Species, and geological charts which show mass extinctions.

Continental Movements
Charts demonstrating drift in continents over geological time.

Strata, The Grand Canyon
The oldest layers preserve bacteria and colonies of blue-green algae that gave Earth its oxygen. An orderly record of animal and plant evolution unfolds. Artist Jim Thomas explores strata layers in the Canyon, and eco-systems spanning back two billion years.

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